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August 5, 2015

3 Things Your Favorite Brands Do.

When you think of your favorite brands, I’m sure one of their best marketing campaigns comes to mind. I don’t watch much television, but I’m always scouring the internet for the best commercials and ad’s that will crack me up or immediately send me to their site to place an order.  

My top 5 are: 
1.  Dove: Campaign for Real Beauty
 2.  Under Armour: Misty Copeland “I Will What I Want”
 3.  Budweiser: Whassup! & Puppy Love (they were both amazing and I couldn’t list them twice. lol)
 4.  American Express: Small Business Saturday
 5.  Poo Pourri: Girls Don’t Poop

The overall goal of any marketing campaign should be to create brand recognition that allows customers to easily identify a product or service. There should be a basic unique identifier so that when customers think of a product they require, they instantly picture your business name or logo. 

But somehow a lot of small businesses still get confused about the importance of branding in their marketing strategy. Below are three reasons why it’s SUPER important in executing a successful marketing plan. 

1. A well-designed brand delivers a strategic method to your target market. Branded designs, symbols and words establish your brand and create your path to communicate with customers. By customizing your brand to your target market, you can deliver your marketing messages clearly and effectively. Dove did an amazing job of targeting the “average woman”. There weren’t any “models” in the campaigns, just your average girl next door. While Budweiser reiterated their niche with Whassup and Puppy Love because their average customer is a male that loves having a beer while hanging out with his dog. 

2. Branding does two things: it connects and motivates the customer to your brand. People buy what they feel a connection to. By creating frequent buyers of your product or service, you create loyal customers. I know plenty of women who tried out Poo Pourri and I thought it was genius, classicly hilarious and answered the dreams of many. 

3. By constantly associating your brand with a high-quality product or service you stay on the mind of your customers. They stop seeing you as competition, but as the best product or service for their money. This not only creates loyal brand fanatics, more importantly, but it also establishes business credibility. Under Armour captured a new segment of the female market which was genius. I’m sure many women in the more effeminate sports had long regarded Under Armour as a product for those who played football or baseball. American Express now has a new tier of small businesses that are excited about attaining their recognition and credibility to prospective customers. Everyone knows the AMEX stamp is gold in business transactions.

So, are you ready to invest in your brand by incorporating these elements into your marketing strategy? 


-give your brand the good life-

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