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October 6, 2015

Practice Makes Perfect, Right? 4 Tips on Perfecting Your Craft

The top factor that contributes to anyone’s success is mastery of one’s craft. In the OutliersMalcolm Gladwell explains the theory of the “10,000 Hour Rule”, which is simply a matter of practicing a specific task for 10,000 hours to accomplish perfect mastery. If you allotted 20 hours a week, that would take 10 years. Trust me, I know that seems like forever. But when you consider the likes of Beyoncé and Oprah, it makes perfect sense. They have been practicing their respective crafts for over 10 years, that’s why they’re so flawless! So, here are four tips to encourage you to dedicate 20 or more hours a week so you can perfect your craft.


It takes true hard work and dedication to perfect anything. From violin lessons to cost accounting or even organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the focus is key. It took about two solid weeks outside of work with about 3-4 hours a day for me to perfect organic SEO. It’s my favorite service to offer clients because I enjoyed the learning process and am extremely confident in my ability to increase clicks/views without paying for them or advertisements. So dedicate time for the intense focus to your craft so you can be present when studying and practicing. There is a certain mental space that is necessary to make an action happen automatically, that creates a learning practice that allows you to observe your weaknesses, analyze yourself and effectively self-criticize your process. It’s the process that separates the masters from others because they learn to get past the point of quitting mentally.


Today, it’s possible to teach yourself almost anything. Even the first two years of medical school are available on iTunes. But I’m not recommending you become a pediatrician from iTunes. But you should utilize all forms of technology and books to research and perfect your craft. In addition to reading books, articles, and blogs, there’s YouTube, podcasts, the list goes on. There’s no excuse to not look for every opportunity to expand on what you already know.


Don’t read the same book 20 times. Read 20 books from different genres of your industry that provide different perspectives. Perspective allows for growth and inspiration. So veer off the beaten path and diversify your mind’s ecosystem. Examine the lives and pathways of your craft’s biggest influencers and research who they look to for motivation and inspiration. You’ll be surprised how diverse their influencers are.


Positivity is key and energy is everything. A large part of perfecting your craft is about how you feel about your craft and your potential to master it. If you aren’t positive about it, it will show. It is difficult to master anything you aren’t excited and positive about. You block the good energy that comes from learning if you aren’t positive. So having a “can do” attitude is essential to perfecting your craft. Negativity and hate towards what you are trying to perfect or your speed to perfection will make it feel like work. And this doesn’t work, it’s your craft, it’s the thing you LOVE to do. Remember your outlook determines your output. So be excited and positive abut this growth. When you look back on it, you’ll be super proud of yourself and the path you took.

The process of perfecting your craft allows you to learn the nuances, apply the advice and make it your own. What you are learning should guide you, so don’t make someone else’s words your gospel. That’s not effective learning, nor is it mastery. The best teachers a student ever encounters are those who truly understand the concept and can relate it to whatever the student is most passionate about. Learn and master your craft, so that you can confidently do and say what’s never been done.


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