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March 27, 2016

At The Top of Success… The Rules Are Simple

You picked a goal, made a plan and crushed it. Congratulations! But yesterday’s accomplishment will soon become irrelevant. So you should always be working on your next goal.
The hardest part about success is maintaining it. Why? Because it’s difficult for the average person to maintain the discipline that’s necessary to continuously be successful.  Doing something every day, every week, month, quarter, year and doing it better every time isn’t normal. That’s what makes us idolize great musicians, great artists, and most importantly great brands and business models. That’s why Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson, and Beyonce are who they are.

Here are a few rules to guide you on your way to continued success:

Rule #1: Keep your ego in check.
Always remember this isn’t about you, it’s about your business. Don’t take anything personally and check your emotions at the door. It’s the only way to hold yourself accountable to the goals you’ve committed to. Have someone around that you can get honest feedback from and who will inspect what you’re doing so you can push yourself to accomplish above and beyond your goals. You should always keep a buffer person around to make sure your ego doesn’t get out of control.

Rule #2: Everyone is Important.
Every person and every relationship is important. You have to build positive relationships with everyone because you never know where your next opportunity will come from. You never know the true degrees of separation between people or who is really influential behind closed doors. So always show genuine respect and interest for others. You never how it will come back full circle.

Rule #3: Stay honest.
Character and integrity is everything. As you develop and progress through life those qualities begin to define you. Honesty equals trust. If people don’t feel they can trust you, they are less likely to want to do business with you. A person’s ability to always be honest shows that they have set clear goals based on their values. You have to develop a vision for yourself and consistently live it. You never want to compromise your integrity for a partnership, new client or publicity. It will show later in your growth and will completely affect your peace of mind. But most importantly, honesty and integrity can be detrimental to your other good habits and the goals you are trying to achieve.

Rule #4: Stay Fresh.
Don’t ever get complacent with your product or service. Just because something has worked for 6 months or 6 years doesn’t mean it will keep you at the top forever. That’s how great brands stay ahead of the curve. They never rest because they know at any time a new brand can leave them in the dust and all of their achievements can easily be forgotten.

If you want to continue on your path to success you have to remain humble, maintain your integrity and stick to your plan. Success doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen for those who don’t work hard at following the rules of great business.

Stay humble and grounded. Don’t ever tell white lies, always tell the truth. Keep your word, at times it may be all you have, so don’t make promises you can’t keep. Mistakes happen, just own up to them and do the right thing to correct the situation. Use EVERY opportunity to demonstrate your vision, values, and true character. People support those they believe in and trust, always keep that in mind.


Give your brand the good life!

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