We Are Builders

Our mission is to empower organizations to solve challenges that inspire and promote growth.
We help clients identify and solve market challenges and performance gaps. Our goal is always to help clients craft a plan that will solve challenges, address gaps and impact their competition. 

The GoodLife Agency provides professional consulting services to organizations and institutions seeking practical solutions for growth and sustainability problems in their daily operations and interactions with their stakeholders. We learn the ecosystems, processes, and audiences of our clients to craft customized roadmaps that provide measurable results that impact their growth and performance. 

Our client relationships tend to be long-term. We work closely with our clients so they know they can always count on us to be the right people for the task at hand. We craft customized roadmaps for each client to ensure success through measurable results and a sealed impression for their stakeholders.

Our vision is to create a family of entrepreneurs who value relationships and collaborative experiences to share their expertise with the world.

We are a family of entrepreneurs. So, our team values building relationships, focusing on what our clients stand for and ensuring their desired reputation is reflected in their actions and goals. We don’t have exclusive hierarchies or catchy titles. Our team is intimately involved in the big picture concept and detailed execution for every client. 

Our Team

We are different from most small businesses. We are a mother-daughter duo dedicated to providing unforgettable experiences that create impactful stories. We began building The GoodLife Agency in 1998, when Vivian began training and grooming Jackie to chase freedom, collaboration, passion and authenticity in her professional goals. Together they embarked on an incredible journey by growing multiple family businesses–auto shops, nail salons, and transportation logistics– that were always family owned, with no debt and no investors.

Our values are clear:

- Teamwork: We operate as one team to elevate each other's creativity and thinking talent.
- Passion: We love what we do and always passionately share our time and enthusiasm.
- Impact: For every proposal, strategic plan, or campaign developed we empower clients to stamp their impact into the world.

We celebrate our achievements and appreciate past corporate titles that have helped us get to this point. Since laying out Vivian’s first RFP response until 4am and having too many paper cuts to count–together, we’ve always found joy in working together. We are passionate about our decision to work together, so we only work on projects we believe in and will never compromise our brand or talents. 

Hey! I'm Jackie. I handle all strategy and development at the Goodlife Agency. I love being able to share ideas and help implement strategies for growth. I feel so blessed to be able to share this gift with my clients every single day. 

Based out of Detroit, MI, I’ve been helping clients grow for almost ten years now. It’s crazy to think this all started as a pop-up festival in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to showcase the talents, drive and dedication of a few of my friends. 

After graduating from Spelman College in Atlanta, GA with a degree in Economics and International studies, I worked on Wall Street in New York City in the wonderfully complex world of Structured Finance. After a few years, I found my calling by working with government agencies in New York City to grow campaign initiatives across the state. It has been an awesome journey with lots of success along the way. From helping clients win over $250K cash and securing over $750K in private investor pitches to traveling with Senator Hillary Clinton in 2016 as a Senior Press Lead and then leading Production and Communications for the March For Our Lives Tour in 2018, this has been an adventure. I couldn’t be more thankful with where this business is today and am happy to see you are checking us out! 

Take your time checking us out and get to know what we’re really good at. 

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Hey! I’m Vivian. I handle all development and training at the GoodLife Agency. I am dedicated to empowering and promoting innovative public and private organizations to implement performance improvement and professional learning.

My goal has always been to build equity and close opportunity gaps. I have managed implemented, and evaluated operational initiatives with demonstrated success in education, nonprofit, and for-profit settings. 

My professional career started with an opportunity to work with at-risk urban institutions as an Educational Technology Specialist. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to evaluate, secure and manage over $43M dollars in grants to fund organizational, academic and diversity inclusion improvements. 

I received a master's degree in Instructional Technology—with an emphasis in Human Performance and Improvement from Wayne State University—and a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Detroit-Mercy. 

I have developed knowledge, skills, and strategies as a successful cross-industry professional with over 25 years of experience in organizational operations including: personnel supervision organizational management and restructuring, qualitative/quantitative program analysis and evaluation, human capital management, and staff professional development and training. 

I look forward to supporting your organization and serving in the areas of leadership, impact, equity, innovation, and development!  

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We operate differently. Our trusted team of experts come together to blend insight, strategy and creativity to provide a pragmatic approach for every client. With expert partners in digital marketing, graphic design, training, and workforce development, we always bring together the right people with the right experience to effectively solve our clients’ challenges. 

We are all about growth for our clients and for our team. We are looking for employees who think freely, push ideas forward, and imagine the possibilities of impact. From novice and seasoned interns to seasoned trainers and creative designers, we are about growing a team of people to contribute to the creative thinking our clients crave. The work we deliver challenges us to think smart, act quick and stay curious about delivering impactful experiences to the world. 

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