We have over 25 years of experience managing complex projects and are uniquely qualified to help you position your organization for success. Our hands-on experience with organizations large and small, corporate and community based, has allowed us to develop business solutions for challenges in today’s ever changing ecosystems and markets. 

We’ve worked with organizations and budgets of all sizes, including small businesses, educational institutions, nonprofits, political organizations, and community campaign organizations. Whether there are three staff or 250,000, we know how to help you find and realign what’s not working in your organization to develop a solution. 

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Some of our previous events include:

Whether you need a strategy to reach a specific community or to push a new idea out to your target market, we help you craft a creative experience that your audience will never forget. We believe that every product and/or service has a unique opportunity to position themselves in the marketplace and define how they want to serve their audience. Our process defines your brand positioning, messaging architecture, brand identity, and an implementation plan packed with content that will build the strength of your brand.

creative branding + marketing

Business Development + Research

With 10 years of experience in investment management, we understand how investors evaluate for investment. The value of a well written business plan and thorough market research is a necessary for any organization’s growth and expansion. We have helped over 8 organizations raise over $2.7 million in funding because our team understands how to take the time to really understand a business and become like a member of the management team. Our goal with each plan is to ensure that investors can quickly see the value in a company and make the first right impression to attract necessary investment capital that allows you to grow and expand. Our plans contain detailed information on your business, industry, competition, financial model and the market for your products and services. Our team is built for this because we have hands-on experience starting and growing multiple businesses in various industries.

Strategic plan development

Our approach is collaborative and custom-designed for every organization. We know that no two organizations are alike, so we craft solutions that are tailored to each organization and its unique challenges, and design strategies to support your success. We’ve worked with organizations to build a strategic plan, train (or re-train) staff, set a mission and vision, craft communications and marketing strategies and develop pitches for private investors and venture capitalists. 

project management

We have over twenty years of project management experience and can work with your existing team or bring in our own skilled team of professionals to bring a focus to your projects goals, timelines, budget and milestones. Projects often require dedicated attention and support that teams can’t manage without disrupting their normal business operations. We have the depth of knowledge and experience to bring a fresh approach and operate parallel to your organization with minimal disruption to take your project from concept to results. 

event planning

We have over a decade of experience leading, managing and producing high-profile events and delivering complicated projects on time, task and budget. Whether it’s a simple, one phase project or a complex, multi-faceted event, we execute visions flawlessly to your audience and behind the scenes. We are leaders in this field and have hands-on experience in executing the large and small details to ensure a successful outcome for every event we touch. From board meetings and retreats, to leadership development and professional development training, we know how to create organizational experiences that enhance your business process and align with your vision and goals. 

Political Advance + High-Profile Events

Our team knows how to execute a vision. Whether its a convention, gala, concert or community event, we have a depth of experience, relationships and creative vision to handle all of the details from concept to implementation that delivers every time. We help clients with: event production, vendor coordination, program development, venue selection and management, VIP guest services and logistics, list and response management, hotel and transportation planning, and budget management to ensure your event goes as planned. 

 The 50th Anniversary of the Charles H. Wright Museum Gala, NAACP Annual Fight For Freedom Dinner, 2016 Hillary For America Campaign Rallies + Election Night, ColorComm Network 2018 Hawaii C2 Conference, March For Our Lives II Tour, Open Streets Detroit Rouge Park, and Open Streets Detroit Southwest, and Tech Jobs Tour Detroit-Boston-LA-Austin-Cheyenne-Denver, among many others.