Our Local Education Agency Partnership (LEAP) provided concepts and strategies through targeted professional development for three high needs school districts in Metro-Detroit.

Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP) developed a number of professional learning opportunities to support our school leaders and teachers to prepare them for the upcoming year through face-to-face and blended training sessions.

Confident Heart Coach utilized the “True Colors” strategies to promote learning styles for coaching and improving school climate and culture. The data also give leaders insight on employee characteristics for selecting and recruiting staff for their districts.

Teachers received coaching and teaching strategies to support student improvement and how to successfully implement multi-tiered systems of support training by Global Psychological Services.

The 2023 Summit opened with our Superintendent’s welcoming our collective districts to confirm our partnership efforts and commit to improve the six (6) participating schools.

We closed out our four (4) day training series with an opportunity for our districts to showcase the knowledge and information they received with a performance that included one of the activities outlined in our grant narrative: Performance-Based Compensation Systems (PBCS), Human Capital Management Systems (HCMS), ESL/SPED, Grow Your Own (GYO), and Professional Development (PD).

“This Teacher and School Leader federal grant provides support for our partner districts to receive support to improve teacher and school leader evaluation practices, SPED/ESL supports, and school climate and culture.”