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March 17, 2019

Branding without Bragging.

Creating your personal brand is a great way to share your expertise with both colleagues and customers. But most people are uncomfortable with self promotion and the idea that it may seem like obnoxious boasting to others. 

So what’s the best way to sell yourself without bragging?

Be authentic. Your personal brand should always represent your unique qualities–not what you think other people want to hear or see. It’s easier to sell yourself when you’re being yourself. So always be authentic with who you are. Focus on your strengths and always stick to your own style of communication, whether it’s writing a blog post or sharing photos to showcase your successes. Reminding people who need your services about how you can make their jobs and/or life easier is always a positive message that people are happy to hear. 

Stick to the facts. Always focus on the facts, not interpretation. It’s hard to argue with facts if you say you have a decade of experience in your field, a passion for what you do or a certain number of social media followers. But calling yourself a guru, expert or a ninja invites criticism because you’re characterizing your skill set. So, stick to the facts by describing what you’ve done and what you can do to help others. Drive the point home by providing relevant examples. 

Share credit. When you share your accomplishments, always share the credit with those who deserve it too! A willingness to promote others indicates confidence in your own abilities. A combination of always giving credit and generously taking responsibility will always work in your favor. Don’t focus on entitlement, but on your engagement with your work. 

Stay humble. But, being humble doesn’t mean hiding your skills. Just be sensitive about how you share your accomplishments. Always give more than you ask. And by empowering others through your work, you develop a solid reputation of being both smart and strategic. 

Learning how to brand without bragging is the perfect way to advertise what you can do and help others succeed by using you as a resource. It’s a message that should always be shared and a #winning situation for all. 


-give your brand the good life-

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