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October 10, 2015

Weighing the Pros + Cons of a New Opportunity

Don’t fret about a new opportunity. You work hard. So your accomplishments are reflective in your personal brand because you’ve made all the right moves to obtain this new opportunity. Whether the opportunity is within your current organization or at a new one, you need to make a good decision. So, take a moment to weigh the pros & cons of a new opportunity to determine whether to move forward. Never force the decision, because you’ll make a bad one. So grab a seat, a pen, and pad and before you accept this new opportunity start reviewing the following:

Make sure the team or boss are a good fit. This should make or break your decision. Any odd encounter during your interview process should serve as a flag. Whether that’s a “don’t take the job” flag or an “I love the potential of this partnership” flag, be looking for signs of whether it’s a good fit. Your boss, team, co-workers, or clients are important to your success, so make sure you think they’ll be able to help you on that path. That company and team culture have to give a natural feeling of support in order for you to be successful and happy.

Any opportunity you take should provide growth. It should stabilize your mind and grow your skill set. Never take a job that you can do with your eyes closed. It won’t last. You’ll be there for six months to a year and bored out of your mind. You also should never want to work anywhere that isn’t looking to provide any growth or development to you. That’s a one-sided deal you should never settle for.

It’s easy to get impressed by a company’s past work with big-name clients or high revenue streams. So take some time and research the company’s recent success, new partnerships, mergers, and executive level hiring. All of these things define how stable the company is in its growth, and highlights their pain points. The current economic environment has been pretty unstable for the past few years, and it’s important that you don’t take an opportunity and have to search all over again in less than a year.

Never take a job or client, just for the money. You will hate it and blow money trying to compensate for hating it. While it’s extremely tempting, it’s the worst idea. I’ve done it before and ended up quitting, to work doing what I love for a fraction of the amount. Money does not buy the happiness needed to build your empire. You should always know what your minimum is and what makes an offer irresistible. Those two numbers are key to making sure you’re satisfied and getting the entire package.

Once you consider the above, it’s time to make the important decision: whether or not to accept the position or business opportunity. Just remember that a job or business opportunity can open your eyes to a bright and wide future. But it can also take focus away from your true goals. With any opportunity, you should consider your future and how the opportunity will affect it. Trust your instincts. Don’t listen to others, and always sleep on a decision. When you know the right decision, you will feel it. So pay attention to that feeling. Weighing the dozens of pros and cons can easily be overwhelming, but these are the most important factors to keep in mind when you’re making an important decision.


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