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November 11, 2015

Standing Out from the Crowd: Putting Your Brand Ahead of the Competition

Let’s face it, no matter what industry you are in, there will be competition. In today’s marketplace, it’s important that you set your company and your brand up to stand out and ahead of the crowd. No matter how small or large you currently are, your brand’s values should never be sacrificed. Whether it’s the charming approach of your services or the glamorous packaging of your product, don’t ever lose that appeal.

Take a look at these six tips on putting your brand ahead of the competition:

  1. Make yourself, the company and your product or service memorable. Each client interaction should be strategically laced with a memorable experience. You always want to be improving your client experience, sometimes that even means offering supplemental items to fill needs you don’t fully offer yet. You should always be on the hunt to elevate your game, clients will notice and most importantly appreciate it.
  2. Know what the competition is doing. What do you like or dislike what they do? How can you improve the approach and do it better? Is there a void no one is filling? If so, find out if clients are interested and fill that gap. Make sure you are different and better at all of your competitor’s weak spots!
  3. What unique product or service features do you offer that your customers can benefit from? Do all of your clients know this? If not, find a cool way to let them know. It may be something they’ve been looking elsewhere for.
  4. Treat every customer like they’re VIP. Even if they don’t fit your typical customer base, treat everyone the same. It will not only help your sanity but will also streamline a ton of your processes.
  5. Find a way to be irreplaceable to your customers. It breeds loyalty, and loyal customers are what keep you in business. If that means taking risks or going the extra mile, do it. You have to do what others aren’t in order to lead any marketplace.
  6. Build your credibility by sharing your expertise. You should do so across multiple platforms, this includes print, online and social media. Showcase yourself as the best in your industry. It will set you apart from the larger companies with the budget and the smaller ones that haven’t made it a marketing priority.

But before you get started, there are a few things you should ask yourself: (1) what and/or who has influenced you thus far? (2) How did you get here, what helped you launch? These aspects are unique to your company, so you should use them to qualify your differentiation and leadership in the market to potential customers and clients.

Setting your business apart can be a challenge. You have to plan it out. Make sure your approach and implementation plan are strategic so that when you start sharing, it flows within your brand.

Bottom line: BREAK ALL THE RULES!!

No one ever broke the stock market by standing in line with the competition. You have to stand out. So don’t play by the rules. It’s good to be talked about for being different. As long as your clients are happy and giving good feedback, everything will be great. So break the rules of your industry and use marketing strategies that no one else is using to create the publicity to show how you’re setting yourself apart.


Give your brand The Good Life!

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