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Coronavirus is here. How are you doing?

Dear Friends, This Coronavirus pandemic is serious business. Our first priority is the safety of our team and the communities we serve. We are making necessary adjustments to our programming in response to the evolving situation. While our office is closed, all of our team members are working remotely. Like many, we are working to help […]

March 12, 2020

COVID 19 How's Your Business Doing?


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Taking a Digital Detox is Hard

I don’t know about you, but unplugging can be hard. Not only is it part of some services I offer, but it’s sometimes necessary for me to stay ahead of others in the branding world. Whether it’s an actual vacation on a beach or a staycation in my favorite local hotel, I find it pretty […]

March 30, 2016

Business, Growth, Time Management

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At The Top of Success… The Rules Are Simple

You picked a goal, made a plan and crushed it. Congratulations! But yesterday’s accomplishment will soon become irrelevant. So you should always be working on your next goal.The hardest part about success is maintaining it. Why? Because it’s difficult for the average person to maintain the discipline that’s necessary to continuously be successful.  Doing something […]

March 27, 2016

Business, Development, Strategy

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Why You Need to Write your Policies and Procedures Today

​Anyone can have a great idea. But, great ideas don’t guarantee a great business. Any entrepreneur will tell you that the idea is the easy part. The hard part is determining whether the experience that will make customers fall in love. From social media to customer service, the process is what defines a good product […]

March 14, 2016

Business, Strategy

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Ethics in Business

eth·i·cal  (ĕth′ĭ-kəl) adj. In business, ethical means to operate under standard conduct of honesty and fairness in their relationships with coworkers, customers, and partners. It’s important to make an effort to treat everyone you come in contact with, as you would want to be treated. Honesty and fairness are the two ethical qualities of successful business owners. […]

March 7, 2016

Business, Development

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