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July 9, 2020

The 6 Month Goal Setting Habit

Every year in July, I sit down with Viv and review my annual goals to check in on my achievements, hardships, obstacles, and opportunities. Over the year’s she’s learned that I’m not just having a crazy break down, but that this is my moment where I grow, and push myself to strategize on how I learn, push past discomfort, shed another layer of the onion, so I can achieve my goals. 

This year, especially, I think she thought I lost my mind. Mainly because I kind of did. We accomplished so much in the first four months, yet I was beating myself up for some reason. We worked with some of our dream clients, Apple, Bloomberg, and were preparing ourselves to manage a 5-year multi-million dollar project starting in the fall. So Viv asked, “why was I so flustered?” 

In reality, Viv had to force me to be honest and earnest in my evaluation, we were leveling up in a different way. She reminded me, the #1 reason people have a hard time accomplishing their goals, is because they lack the connection, intention, and commitment of their values behind them. She broke down the different aspects of our lives, the failures, and losses, accomplishments and success–attached to both our personal and business goals. We hadn’t met quite a few of our goals, but they’d been replaced by larger opportunities. I’d gotten stuck in the tunnel vision of checking things off our list to say we had done them, and lost sight of our vision. Our goal has always been to continue to build a legacy for generations to come, with intention, direction, and hustle. And we were doing just that, and in some ways faster than my mind could fathom. 

Once you decide what you really want to do, all you need is a strategy to accomplish it. You have to put action behind your goals, or they just remain pies in the sky or writing on the wall that you never commit to. So, here’s our straightforward way for achieving goals, and of course we call it Goal Setting the GoodLife Way:

  1. Decide on the right goals, meaning 2-3 major goals. No more, no less. 
    • Now that you know what you’re focusing on for the next 6 months, make sure you have a goal that falls into each of these categories:  (1)business/career, (2)financial, and (3)personal. These goals should be so big, that they can actually take 6-12 months to accomplish. For example, my goals are to lose 40 pounds, launch our digital courses, and land a Fortune 500 client. It’s month 7 and I’ve almost accomplished two of these already.
  2. Create sub-goals that you will complete monthly.
    • Think of your subgoals as monthly projects. Give them targets and metrics to make sure you’re staying on track for the month. Goals can be broken down like habit trackers if you’re being honest about what you can achieve in 30 days. It allows you to see your progress and pivot when and where needed to ensure you reach your goals, making them feel tangible and helping you stay excited about them.
  3. Create weekly goals. 
    • This is where you make your task lists. What needs to be done every week to accomplish and wrap up the monthly project required to meet your goals. Are there processes, systems, or consistent activities you need in place to ensure results? What are the strategies and tasks you need to ensure you meet our mini-weekly goals? You have to break these down and be specific to ensure you are creating tasks that are manageable and easy to accomplish. When you do this, you are creating a detailed map to make your goals happen. 

I know, this makes so much sense and seems super obvious. But if that’s the case, how come so many people struggle with reaching their goals and why are so many failing? Because most people fail to plan. You have to set aside time to plan how you will “Get Stuff Done”. 

We’re all juggling so much, and that’s why it’s important to break your goals down. Breaking them down makes them tangible, reasonable, and a lot easier to accomplish. Everyone says it’s not real until you write it down, at GoodLife we say “It’s not real until you break it down”. So go ahead, break your goals down….they’re just a list of simple tasks that get overwhelmed by distractions if you fail to plan your own success. 

Download our 6-Month Goal Setting Habits Template.

Give you brand the Good Life,

Jackie P.

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