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December 11, 2015

Why Giving Back Is Important for your Brand

Your brand is never too small or large to make a difference in the community. Remember, giving back is not just about donating money, but investing and advocating for a cause while donating your time and talent. When you give back to something a cause you are passionate about customers will appreciate it. Your small donations of time, money and knowledge can completely change your return on investment for giving back.

2010 study by Cone Communications revealed that:

  • 93% of consumers say they have a more positive image of a company when they know it supports a cause. 
  • 90% of customers are more likely to trust and be loyal to companies that have give back campaigns. 
  • 85% have a better outlook on businesses that give back to a cause they care about.

Still not convinced? Here are three major ways brand’s benefit from giving to charitable causes.

​1. Builds a respectable reputation in the community. If you’re a small business owner or a professional climbing the corporate ladder, I’m sure you’re well versed in the pains of your surrounding community. By identifying those needs and inquiring at local organizations on what they need help with, you create valuable relationships that can be of great value to you in the future. When businesses help each other, it creates a community that will support and speak goodwill on each other’s behalf. Giving back improves your brand’s image to the public and most importantly your image to those community members. Moreover, it’s important for the community that you are surrounded by feel as though you are invested in them, businesses that connect with their community establish a truly genuine connection that customers don’t forget.

2. Create connections and networking opportunities. Philanthropic organizations often hold the key to some of your community’s most powerful leaders. These connections can be an invaluable resource as an entrepreneur or professional. By giving back, you develop a mutual trust and respect for each other’s values with the organization’s leaders which can factor into an essential part of a business—your network determining your net worth. By connecting on just a few community volunteer efforts, you connect your brand with hundreds of positive members in that community, which can be a more cost-effective way of promoting your brand that some traditional marketing routes.

3. Clients love it. When businesses help others, people inherently want to support their company in return. It gives a feel good moment and humanizes your brand by stamping what values you stand for. Today, clients want to know how you engage with your community. Building a relationship with a genuine connection to your community will make clients want to contribute on your behalf.
Think about how you feel when you purchase a pair of Tom’s or Warby Parker glasses. You know you are contributing to a cause and that makes you feel even more satisfied with your purchase. BuildiClients promote their opinions publicly, and when that opinion is favorable and shows the positive contributions to your community it automatically boosts your new client reach.

Whether you’re a business owner or a professional, it’s important to emphasize your belief in good social responsibility and values. It drives social engagement and buy-in for your brand. And while it’s evident that philanthropic efforts are essential for large businesses, it has an even greater return on investment for small businesses and their brands.
So, pick a cause that will affect something you love and you will indirectly encourage more customers to trust your brand because they believe in your values.


Give your Brand the Good Life!

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